● Join us at one of our monthly meetings – Sept. to May.
We meet at the Maple Tree Supper Club in McFarland,WI. Join us for dinner at 6pm; meetings begin promptly at 7pm.


IMG_0087● Do not forget to get out and take advantage of all our summer fishing opportunities that are available at this time of year. Our club president, Bob Harrison, caught this brawler in a secret spot on an undisclosed river, I believe somewhere in Wisconsin. You will have to ask him for more details.


StuartOur next meeting will be on Monday, September 26th, at 7:00 PM. Stuart Brandes (pictured) and Bill Engber went to Patagonia and visited Lago Strobel (Jurassic Lake) and then on to Tierra del Fuego(Rio Grande). Stop by the meeting to hear the incredible story of their adventure.


● The Badgers are looking for a person to write our newsletter. This would involve writing the newsletter and sending it to us. We will handle posting it to our site, and sending out the newsletter to our members. A small stipend is available to cover costs associated with the process. Please contact us if you have any interest.


● Read our monthly newsletter


● Join the Badger Fly Fishers – see the membership page




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